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Für Freunde des koordinierten Tanzschritts - Let´s dance! 💃🕺

Cha Cha Cha - Turkish Towel (Gold Level)



Gold Level

Mögliche Figurenverbindungen nach dieser Figur:

  • Time Step (Bronze Level)
  • Close Basic (Bronze Level)
  • Open Basic Movement (Bronze Level)
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (Bronze Level)
  • Open Hip Twist (Bronze Level)
  • Open Hip Twist to Chasse (Bronze Level)
  • Alemana from open Opp. Pos. (Silver Level)
  • Open Hip Twist Spiral (Gold Level)
  • Turkish Towel (Gold Level)
  • Sweetheart (Gold Level)
  • Follow My Leader (Gold Level)
  • Syncopated Open Hip Twist (Gold Level)
  • Curl (Gold Level)
  • Overturned Lock Ending (Gold Level)
  • Continuous Overturned Lock (Gold Level)


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