Lazarus (2016)


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  • 21.10.2016


  • Columbia


  • Sony


1. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) (Ricky Nelson)
2. Lazarus (Michael C. Hall)
3. It's No Game (Michael C. Hall + Lynn Craig)
4. This Is Not America (Sophia Anne Caruso)
5. The Man Who Sold The World (Charlie Pollack)
6. No Plan (Sophia Anne Caruso)
7. Love Is Lost (Michael Esper)
8. Changes (Cristin Milioti)
9. Where Are We Now (Michael C. Hall)
10. Absolute Beginners (Michael C. Hall, Cristin Milioti, Michael Esper, Sophia Anne Caruso + Krystina Alabado)
11. Dirty Boys (Michael Esper)
12. Killing A Little Time (Michael C. Hall)
13. Life On Mars (Sophia Anne Caruso)
14. All The Young Dudes (Nicholas Christopher, Lynn Craig, Michael Esper + Sophia Anne Caruso)
15. Sound And Vision (David Bowie)
16. Always Crashing In The Same Car (Cristin Milioti)
17. Valentine's Day (Michael Esper)
18. When I Met You (Michael C. Hall + Krystina Alabado)
19. Heroes (Michael C. Hall + Sophia Anne Caruso)
20. Lazarus (David Bowie)
21. No Plan (David Bowie)
22. Killing A Little Time (David Bowie)
23. When I Met You (David Bowie)